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About The WP Trashmasters

The Woodland Park Trashmasters are an informal group of anglers who enjoy fishing in trash-filled waters, getting trashy looks from passerby, and catching and releasing fish that eat trash and probably taste like trash. The Trashmasters’ home water is the “Duck Pond” at Woodland Park. 

Woodland Park is a city park in Kalispell, Montana best known for its ugly duck swarm, outdoor water park, and goose poop. Recently, however, a group of enterprising anglers, the WP Trashmasters, have discovered an oft-overlooked feature of this picturesque park.  The “Duck Pond” in Woodland Park, a smelly, shallow, trash-filled slough, is home to a very respectable, highly accessible population of sport fish.


Largemouth Bass are present in good numbers and size, and present a challenging stalk when they are near shore.  A few big Northern Pike can also be found gliding through the knee deep water.  Good-sized Perch and Pumpkinseed can also be caught at Woodland.  However, the kings of this pretty little slop-hole are the massive largescale suckers.  In the rocky areas of the Duck Pond, these huge fish can be found moving sedately around, glorping up whatever food they find with their suction-cup mouths. These suckers are very voracious, yet flighty.  If the right presentation is made by the angler, however, they will eagerly take the bait/fly/lure/whatever, and put up a massive fight.  These fish seem to run from about 15 to 26 inches (2-5 pounds!), and it is required that a prospective Trashmaster catch one of these fish before being admitted to the Trashmaster Fraternity.

 The Trashmasters accept both spin-fishermen and fly-fishermen.  There is nothing more fun than wearing technical gear and a serious and focused look on one’s face while stalking around a dirty, shallow pond that no self-respecting angling snob would get within a mile of.  The entertainment value the angler gets from the bemused, suspicious, and sometimes trashy glances at them is well worth the trip to Woodland. This, of course, is not counting the aesthetic value of catching some nice fish!